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Purple Curtain
New To The Culture

Leaving a nice shine to your skin, our unscented body butter is a tool to help gain softer and healthier skin! 

"Embrace all your imperfections because you're gorgeous just the way you are." 

Pink Liquid
New To The Culture

Hoping for a blessed and positive new year full of breakthroughs? Manifest is the lipgloss for you!! This long lasting light weight lipgloss helps remind you that manifestation is the key to a bigger and brighter tomorrow!!

"Don't dwell on the past because it'll only trouble your future." 

Paper Cut Heart
New To The Culture 

Rose Petal Gelato Scent : 

Sweet creamy scent with a blend of roses. Your room will smell soft and sweet!

Pink Marble

Clean Cotton Scent :

Fresh soft aroma that makes your home smell crisp and clean.

Paper Cut Heart

White Linen Scent :

Soft scent that resembles fresh clean sheets. make the room feel cozy and refreshing.

"The purest feeling of the mind and body is beautiful."

Pink Petals
New To The Culture

An atmosphere where it feels like you are laying in roses. Light this candle when you are feeling sexy, need a pick me up or just want a vibe because, Roses Are Pink Too. 

"Live. Laugh. Smile." ~ Niia

New To The Culture

Say heyyyy to Peppermint Swirls Wax Melts!! A soft yet strong smell of a SWEET peppermint that will blast your room. Get some Peppermint Swirls Wax Melts for you or anloved one this holiday!! 

"Be that xclusive star you were always meant to be."

Christmas Presents
New To The Culture

With the holidays spirit in full swing, let's spread the spirit of gift giving starting with The Christmas Bundle!! This bundle includes three different scents and we're sure you or a loved one would absolutely love it!!


"Imperfection has a unique beauty about it."

Holly Plant
New To The Culture

With its rich peppermint scent, Mistletoe is a clear gloss that leaves a tingling feeling on your lips to help hydrate and repair your lips. You or a loved one would absolutely love the refreshing feeling of smooth soft lips!! 


"Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you."
~ Walt Whitman

Red Bauble
New To The Culture

As brown as the wood in your fireplace, this semi-clear cinnamon roll scented gloss is an amazing lipstick topper, leaving a bronze shimmer behind with every layer applied. 


"Life is full of all types of beauty."

New To The Culture 

Starting up the holiday festivities with this drink, our Eggnog scented lipgloss Presents is the one for you. It's such a beautiful orange, but the application to your lips is clear and shiny!


"There is beauty in simplicity."

Pile of Pumpkins
New To The Culture

The Fall Bundle includes our deliciously smelling Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Candle along with Sweet Spice lipgloss and Warm Sunset Lip Balm Perfect gift for you or a loved one!


"Be different.
Be unique.

Be you." 


New To The Culture

With the fall in full swing, enjoy the cool weather with Sweet Spice Lipgloss. Watch the gold butterflies move within the smooth cinnamon roll and cake batter flavored  brown gloss! This beautiful brown gloss is great by itself or on top of lipstick. It is also very light weight on the lips and keeps your lips nice and smooth thanks to the almond oil. 


"Beauty is your strength and your smile is your sword." 

New To The Culture 

Introducing our lipgloss Luxury Amethyst! The lavender essential oil within this lipgloss can help with replenishing dry skin on your lips. You definitely use this your skincare routine for sure! Like a real lavender flower, this lipgloss comes in a light purple shade with hints of white swirls. 


"Be your own version of beautiful because
the culture lies within you."

Soft & Shiny 

Most Smooth
Lips in The City

If one layer isn't enough for you then keep adding on till you think you're satisfied

IMG_0535 2.jpg

"Confidence is key when it
comes to your

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